Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wow! What a weekend! 410 km drive, two airports, two great events (820th Habour Birthday in Hamburg and 100th birthday of Airport Bremen) and lots of interesting planes!

For the beginning, here are the photos I took in Hamburg Fuhlsbuettel Airport (HAM), Germany on Sunday, 10th May 2009. There are loads more photos to come in the next few days taken in Bremen and in the Hamburg Harbour Area itsself. And some additional photos taken at Munich Franz-Josef-Strauss Airport (MUC), Germany on the 8th may. Watchout!

- Contact Air Interregional - Fokker F-100 - Reg.: D-AFKB

- Lufthansa (Berlin Stiftung) - Junkers Ju-52/3m - Reg.: D-CDLH (D-AQUI)

Now lets come to the stunning highlight of the Hamburg Harbour Birthday Party!
Ladies and Gentlemen, The PATROUILLE SUISSE!
But before we come to the photos I have to send a big SORRY to the Patrouille Suisse! They spent weeks for planning the display in Hamburg over the city but when they arrived in Hamburg and flew their first training over the southern harbour areas, they where nearly chased off the city by some little minded hamburgers who called the police, saying the thought Al Quaida would come and bomb Hamburg away, throwing themself to the ground, feeling shockwaves on their balconies and whatsoever...

HELLO! It was on TV, Radio, Newspapers and so on for months! Nobody could have missed it!
The commentarys under this (sorry, German) Newspaper artikel speak for themselves... Click for the link

So once again dear Parouille Suisse: Thank you very much for your stunning display over the Hamburg Harbour! I know, it wasn't the display you planned to fly for the Hamburgers, but at least you flew one for all the people who came to Hamburg from all over Germany and Europe just to see you fly. In the Harbour area I have seen no one who wasn't happy to see you fly!

Please comeback to Germany as soon as possible!

Now lets come to the photos!

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Sebastian said...

Schöne Bilder und einfach nur krank, wie sich manche hier in Deutschland verhalten. Eine verdammt tolle Show die bei 150 m und nicht bei 300+ stattfinden muss. Die Geräuschkulisse gehört dazu und es ist echt erschreckend wie manche Leute panisch reagieren, wenn sie SEHR OFFENSICHTLICHE Schweizer F5 am Himmel sehen. Ja, wirh aben keine Luftraumüberwachung, Al Quaida hat sich mal eben beim Northrop Surplus eingedeckt. Obwohl, hat Iran nicht auch F5s? Die Leute, die sich auf den boden warfen hätte ich auf jeden Fall gern gesehen.