Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hannover (HAJ), Germany - 12/02/2009

Welcome to the photos taken on the 2nd December 2009 in Hannover (HAJ), Germany.
Today was a day with a lot of special movements due to the Europa League soccer game in Hamburg - (HSV - Rapid Vienna).

In total we had the complete fleet of 6 Lauda Air Boeing B-737-800 (Regs.: OE-LNK/LNP/LNQ/LNR/ LNS/LNT), 1 Austrian Airlines Airbus A-319 (Reg.: OE-LDC), XL Airways Germany Boeing B-737-800 (Reg.: D-AXLG) and the Highlight, an Austrian Airlines Boeing B-777-200ER (Reg.: OE-LPD)! Sadly I do only have photos of the Boeing Triple7 and the XL Airways B-737, but I had to go work...

By the way... Hamburg won 2:0! :o)

- Austrian Airlines - Boeing B-777-2B8/ER - Reg.: OE-LPD

- Untitled (Air VB) - LearJet 60 - Reg.: LZ-BVV

- XL Airways Germany - Boeing B-737-8Q8 - Reg.: D-AXLG

- Untitled (Air Traffic) - Learjet 31A - Reg.: D-CURT

- (opf. Air Berlin) - Boeing B-737-8K5 - Reg.: D-AHFY

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